Do it if it works for you

Do it if it works for you: We say do what makes you happy, whether that's smoking a joint, scratching your balls, or even hanging out in a giant green thong.

Raw foods

Raw foods: Sure, pizza and wings are awesome, nobody is going to dispute that, but eventually you'll want to eat better and start taking care of your body.

Personal Lubricant

Personal Lubricant: Give praise to this amazing substance that will improve all aspects of your life. However even though bacon flavored lube sounds like it should be awesome, it is not...


Snus: Smoking isn't for everybody, but if you need your fix snus can be a great alternative.

Red wine

Red wine: It's not just for snooty people, goes hand-in-hand with food and not as expensive as you think it is

Leases are not legally enforceable

Leases are not legally enforceable: Contrary to popular belief leases are super easy to get out of, both for the tennant and landlord.